1 Year Culinary Skills Program

The Don Bosco Institute of Hospitality Training is the first professional training school founded by Don Bosco College – Hospitality Studies, Kurla. It provides students comprehensive training in the field of culinary art and Food and Beverages services

The prime focus of this one-year certificates course is to equip students with key competencies in the kitchen as well as professional restaurant service. Through the instruction and guidance of experienced faculty with expert technical knowledge & Industrial Training Opportunity in Five Star Hotels, where students gain practical exposure cum “on the job” training, successful students are able to avail of jobs in the hospitality industry as well as can set the pace on the road towards being entrepreneurs.

Don Bosco Institute of Hospitality Training emphasises the concept of an industry relevant curriculum keeping in mind the evolving world of the hospitality industry as well as highlights the importance of managerial and soft skills needed to grow and flourish in the competitive field of hospitality. This professionally conducted course eventually empowers the students to be readily employed in a wide range of Hospitality and Service sectors.


August 2017 – March 2018


Monday To Friday

8:30 am To 2:30 pm


April 2018 – October 2018


Culinary Skill Certificate Program